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Tarpaulins and Nets

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Mudfords Limited has been one of the UK’s principal tarpaulin suppliers since 1832. As well suppling tarpaulins and tarpaulin accessories, we supply polythene sheets and various types of waterproof protection. 

Being established over 175 years we are always improving our products, we provide dependable services and great value for money. 

Our exclusive range of tarpaulins include the tough Tuff Tarp Tarpaulin, which are commonly used as “fly sheets” over larger canvas sheets, the great value Economy Tarpaulin 80gsm which can be used for Garden Furniture, General Industry, Haystacks and Mechanical Equipment and our Heavy Duty Tex Tarpaulin which is 60% heavier than standard polyethylene sheets has a hot welded corded hem with eyelets all round.