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Round Sling 4 Tonne Grey

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Top quality lifting equipment from Mudfords includes the 4 tonne Grey Round Sling, made from polyester webbing. A classic lifting strop.

Please Note

Before every use, these items should be checked for damage/wear by a competent individual.
14.55 38.40

Product Variant



3m Circumference

SKU: RS4/3

0.95 kg(s) each


incl VAT: £17.46

4m Circumference

SKU: RS4/4

1.8 kg(s) each


incl VAT: £23.40

5m Circumference

SKU: RS4/5

2.4 kg(s) each


incl VAT: £29.16

6m Circumference

SKU: RS4/6

2.88 kg(s) each


incl VAT: £34.92

8m Circumference

SKU: RS4/8

3.84 kg(s) each


incl VAT: £46.08