An exciting and innovative product hit the market in 2015 that took the scaffold lighting sector by storm. Say hello to the WHI Safe Guard Scaffolding Bulkhead LED lights!


Available in both a vertical mount and side mount, these slim and graceful lights weigh in at an astonishing 276g (vertical mount). Whichever light you decide to buy, the packaged item weighs no more then 370g, which is great for those who will need to transport them between sites.

As soon as you open the box, you can see the head of the light with a small black gripped rubber button on top. This is the on/off switch as well as the operator to change the flash pattern. One button press is the flashing light, the second press is a static light and the third press is to switch it off.

Open the lid and you will see the instruction manual, a hexagonal security screw and the light fitting itself. That’s it!

You will however need some AA batteries to go with it, but don’t fret; we’ve got those in stock too.

You can buy the new skip light side mount and scaffolding light vertical mount from Monday 23rd May 2015 so keep and eye out!