By Adil Ali

12 months has passed since VOSA published their article on load security. VOSA had been working very closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to improve the roadside training. As many HGV drivers are aware, securing loads to the vehicle is one of the most important factors they need to take into consideration.


“A potentially dangerous load that has not been strapped in, restrained or otherwise secured will result in enforcement action.” Moving On - VOSA June 2012


Mudfords is always looking to help the Transport Industry by supplying HGV companies with high quality Ratchet Straps. As well as using the internal straps in HGV’s, Ratchet Straps give you the extra load security and will definitely stand you in good stead against VOSA.


Why not check out our range of Ratchet Straps for your vehicle and keep up to date with VOSA’s latest updates and statistics over at their website.