By Adil Ali

Here at Mudfords we have specialised in curtainsider manufacturing and repairs since the 1960’s.

So what exactly is a curtainsider? It comprises of a large sheet made of 900gsm PVC which we call Panama, many people actually refer to it as ‘curtainsider material’. The sheet on average is usually around 8ft tall and 20ft wide, but they can change based on the size of the truck.

Curtainsiders get their names from how they are used; as a curtain. The lorry driver will slide the curtain back on a rail, on which the PVC sheet hangs from rollers (bobbins), to access the load that they are carrying.

Tail straps are used to hold down the sheet to the lorry to stop it sliding and letting any of the load fall out. Check out our other blog post on vosa load security for more information on how else you can secure loads on in a lorry.

To this day we can still manufacture and repair your curtainsider and would be more than happy to do so. Just give us a call or leave a message on our request a quote page and we will get back to you!