By Adil Ali

As you may know, Tarmac are one of the leading Contracting, Concrete and Asphalt companies in the UK. Repairing motorways, potholes and surfacing airport runways, Tarmac definitely know what they are doing when it comes to large contracts.

Mudfords has supplied goods to Tarmac for quite a while now, mostly Jute Sheets as they are used for the curing of concrete, but we have also supplied them with various PPE and Workwear such as the Rigger Gloves.

Outokumpo (another company Mudfords supplies equipment to) operate a stainless melting and continuous casting facility in Sheffield five minutes just down the road from us. Back in 2008 Tarmac did a great job of resurfacing Outokumpo’s scrap yard, site roads and areas surrounding the furnaces. Check the article out here!

Tarmac have a whole list of case studies that you might want to take a look at, some of them could be right near you!