By Adil Ali

Ever wondered how to use a sandbag? This step by step guide will follow on from our last blog post on how floods are prevented. We will show you how to stop water getting through your doors in just 6 easy steps.

Fill the sandbags

  • Fill the bag with sand. Preferably using two people, one holding the bag open and the other pouriing.
  • Do not fill more than half way
  • You don't need to tie the end, just incase you need to empty the bag slightly later.

Place the sandbags

  • Move any objects near the door, plant pots, flower baskets etc.
  • If possible, put a heavy duty tarpaulin between the sandbags and the wall of your house.
  • Place the bags lengthways, tucking the open end under the filled half of the bag and position it pointing into the direction of water flow.
  • Place bags in layers. Like a brick wall, make sure that in the next layer each bag overlaps the one below by half.
  • To lay sandbags in a doorway (Figure 1), it may be necessary to empty some of the contents out or shape the sandbags to achieve a good fit without overlapping.



Download the full guide

A guide from the Environment Agency has been provided on how to use sandbags properly and it can be found here!