Mudfords are now selling FIBC Tunnel Bags.  They help improve safety and makes transportation of the bag a one man operation. It can also save time during the filling and discharging process. Strong, durable, high quality bags.
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View our range of Bags online, from FIBC Polypropylene Bags to Sandbags. Our bags are made for Heavy Duty applications which can be used in the home or in industry. 

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FIBC Tunnel Bag Main Features
  • 75 x 85 x 95
  • Lifting Loops in each Corner - 4x30 cm
  • Two 'Tunnels' for fork lifts
  • Double chain white stitched
  • 1 Tonne as standard
  • White Fabric UV Stabilized
  • Uncoated Fabric Open Top / Flat Bottom
  • 130 GSM
  • Safety Factor 5:1
Where can the FIBC Tunnel Bags be used?
  • Flooding Defence
  • Transporting Sand and Gravel
  • Builders and Contractors

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